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Dress in the Greek style, which can be sewn in an hour

Maxi dresses for many seasons do not go out of fashion. This length looks favorably on any shape and allows you to feel comfortable in hot weather. Fashionable items in ethnic style can be stitched in just an hour, if you follow a few simple guidelines. You will need: Thin knitwear (can be replaced with another flowing fabric); scissors; pins; sewing machine The dress will take a cut of fabric equal to its length and a width of 150 cm.
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Balls for the cake - can you really create such beauty at home?

You probably saw cakes on the Internet, decorated with colorful soap bubbles, or giant pearls, or balls for a dry pool. But it never occurred to you that you can create such beauty yourself without using special equipment. Well, it's time to try! YouTube | Irisha Raphael You will need: balloons; instant gelatin (1 sachet for each color); sugar (one teaspoon for each color); dyes: white gel and color dye Candurin pearl food glitter - as needed; thin straws for cocktail; a balloon pump; a stand for drying the blanks; a stand for drying the finished balls (for example, a thoroughly washed and dried egg tray); nail scissors; tweezers (you can do without it); some vegetable oil.
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